Get Ready To Be Inspired

Melissa’s passion for people and passion for personal growth and achievement are contagious. Whether it’s one on one or sharing her story with a large group, her honesty, sincerity, and experience are sure to change the room, impact and inspire.

Design an experience as unique as you are!

From kindergarten students to seniors, and from schools & churches to business and community events, Melissa has a variety of experience sharing and adapting her story to positively and uniquely impact each audience. Her intentional approach to understand vision, values and learning goals helps to tailor each experience to uniquely fit and impact every group. Past topics have included: challenge as an opportunity for growth, the value of hard work and perseverance, perspective is power, the reward of risk, overcoming adversity, reinvesting what you reap and so much more! For ideas regarding your event, start here:  

C O Z Y & C A S U A L

Events and Moderated Q & A

Experience the unique opportunity to connect and engage with Melissa in this flexible, intentional and intimate approach. Guide the conversation to suit your group and address what you want to know and experience most.  

I N F O R M E D & I N S P I R E D

Keynote address

Learn more about the sport of bobsleigh and get ready to be inspired as I share my personal story of adversity, victory and growth. Topics and presentation style can be tailored to suit your specific audience and event goals such as including an interactive and / or experience emphasis.  

P U B L I C & P E R S O N A L

The best of both worlds

If you can't decide, do both! In addition to presenting, enjoy the unique opportunity to connect in a more personal setting, where I can follow up and meet individuals in small groups. This time could include follow up challenges, additional questions and discussion, or an activity session such as joining in on gym class at schools and sharing some bobsleigh training drills!