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Give today and make a difference! Coupled with the challenge of learning how to drive a sled at breakneck speeds (140km/h+), is the challenge of returning to a development circuit and the associated cutbacks in funding and additional expenses.

Following her 2018 Olympic debut Melissa choose to get out of her comfort zone, challenge herself and move away from her role as a world-class brakeman to become a rookie bobsleigh pilot. Her goal is to work her way back up to the World Cup circuit and qualify for the 2022 Olympics as a bobsleigh driver leveraging her sport experience and elite physical ability.

Melissa has taken on the costs of strength and conditioning coaching, physical therapy, sport performance consulting, additional ice time and equipment rentals, some travel related expenses such as luggage expenses and food, investments in recovery and competitive equipment (including tools and a $7000 set of bobsleigh runners), insurance fees and team membership fees.

The journey as a driver has been challenging in more ways than one. However, it is a process that Melissa believes is worthwhile - growing deeper and achieving higher as she continues to challenge herself and persevere. Furthermore, as she puts herself out there and continues to share her journey, Melissa hopes to inspire others to similarly take risks, choose challenge, chase better and in doing so experience personal growth and development. That’s true gold!